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Here you will find forms/handouts that were previously available in our lobby.

Apprenticeship Forms and Information

Tool List

Inside Wireman

Inside Wages EF

Rev. 6-1-2024

Inside Apprentice Hours & Wages

Tool List


Residential Wages

Rev. 6-1-2024

Residential Apprentice Hours & Wages

IBEW 332 and UAS Info 

Apprentice Portal Information

Apprentice Portal Entering Hours-QUICK GUIDE

Residential Rules & Regulations Updated 7/2024

Inside Rules & Regulations

Updated 7/2024

Request for Excused Absence

ETASV Selection Procedure

ETASV Local Standards

Journeyman Forms and Information

Apprentice Evaluator Information

Apprentice Portal Approving Hours Supervisor Info

State Certification and Trainee Forms

State Approved Online Courses Continuing Education

State Certification Exam Application & Instructions

State Certification Renewal Application

State Certification Retest Application

State Certification Replacement and Address Change Application

Electrician Trainee NEW Registration

Electrician Trainee RENEWAL


Wage Information

Inside Wages EF

Rev. 6-1-2024

Residential Wages

Rev. 6-1-2024

S&C Wages

Rev. 12-1-2023

MH Wages

Rev. 8-1-2023

CECW Wages

Rev. 1-1-2023

Groundman Wages

Rev. 6-1-2023

D&H Wages

Rev. 6-1-2024

Instructor Application

Interested in becoming an Instructor at the Electrical Training Alliance of Silicon Valley?? Fill out this short application and return via email. We will contact you if we need more information.

Instructor Application

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