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What can I do to increase my interview score?

You can request a re-interview provided that:

1) It has been 1 (one) year since your last interview.

2) You have completed 1000 hours of electrical related work or have taken 2 or more electrical or math related classes.  (SEE BELOW)

3) The request is in writing. Email Judy to request re-interview and attach proof of #2.


Pursuant to California Division of Apprenticeship Standards, Section VII, Part D, paragraph 14:

Applicants wishing to re-interview must complete at least 1000 hours of work experience in the electrical trade related industry, or successfully complete at least TWO or more post-secondary trade related classes (2 quarters or 1 semester).

Examples: Physics, Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing/Drafting, CAD, BIM courses, Plan Grid Course, Electrical Code, HVAC controls or other electrical construction and technology relevant courses. Acceptable classes will also include Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry and higher math.

We will accept verifiable, documented 1000 hours with any C-10 contractor, hours in Residential electrical construction, NECA approved Sound and Communication installation, Photovoltaic installation, or underground electrical installation with a C-10 contractor

Acceptable classes will also include Algebra and higher math as well as any electrical construction technology courses.

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