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Per Rules & Regulations: It shall be the responsibility of each apprentice to receive training in and maintain current cards for CPR & First Aid. All apprentices shall receive training in First Aid and CPR in addition to regular class work. The CPR & First Aid training shall be completed in the first six months of apprenticeship and renewed as required to maintain current CPR & First Aid cards. Failure to maintain current CPR & First Aid certification will result in disciplinary action and wage increase revoked or withheld a full sixty (60) days after due date.

Important Information

Your first CPR & First Aid course must be taught in front of a live instructor.

Online classes are not accepted for the first CPR & First Aid class.

The ETASV offers a course once a month. 

You must keep your CPR & First Aid Certification current.


ETASV offers (1) CPR & First Aid Course per month. SEE SCHEDULE

  • Register at least 3 days before the class with a $50 deposit (cash or check)

  • Email Kim if you have any questions

Alternative CPR Course Provider

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You may also take an in-person CPR & First Aid course with your local American Red Cross.


If you have already taken your FIRST course with ETASV or The American Red Cross and you need to renew, there are two options:

  • Sign up for a Free Renewal Class with the ETASV

  • or Complete CPR & First Aid online with CPR Today

    • Make sure you take both CPR & First Aid. There is a fee and you will not be reimbursed.

    • Once completed; bring a copy of your certificate into the ETASV or email it to Kim.

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